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360 Degree Wideband 12 dBi Antenna Set


360 Degree Wideband 12 dBi Antenna Set


Innovative MIMO 4G LTE-A Cellular 360 Degree Swivel Antennas

Set of Two (2)

3G/4G-LTE is a blade, or paddle-style dipole antenna with right angle knuckle, 90-degree swivel, and SMA male connector for 4th generation, and Long Term Evolution Advanced cellular modems, access points, routers, and small base station applications.

The antenna supplies 6 dBi of gain across the full range of frequencies of 600-2700 Mhz.

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Innovative MIMO 4G Cellular Antennas

Set of Two (2)

Wide-range frequency – supports all 2G/3G/4G/4G LTE-A cellular networks.
Twistable 4G paddle antenna – adjust the direction of the antennas to easily to fit any router configuration.
SMA Female RP standard sockets for all routers – MIMO external antennas for a great signal boost.

Can be mounted in an orthogonal manner (90-degree MIMO) to pick up the main and diversity cellular signals to increase your speeds and signal strength.

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